Voiceover Clients: Is the Goal Quantity or Quality?

I’m about to teach Edge Studio‘s “What Now?” Webinar, designed for students who have just completed their voiceover demo and now want to know -well – “what now?”

after the job...

The first thing I remind them is that they’ve been working all along on the next step: deciding where, and how, to look for the right clients for your brand of voiceover. And that process should have begun long before you receive your completed demo.
Huh? Well, think about it. What goes on your first demo? Copy and reads that represent areas where you could see yourself being cast,within which you are? confident you can deliver what your demo promises.? So – if you have a corporate training cut on that demo, then corporate training is an area in which you and your coach have determined you can perform.? So – have you already been looking for potential clients?? When you’ve chosen your scripts, you’ve begun to define your niches.
But let’s look at the most important goal: not quantity of clients as much as quality. And by that I mean you want these first-time customers to become regular clients.? How do you do that? Remember that you cannot let you skills become rusty. Practice well, and often. Retain your passion for this business. Wow ’em with your skill and professionalism. Give ’em the old razzle-dazzle, but it had better be backed with talent and business savvy. Then – that customer may become a beautiful thing called a regular client. And when that happens, your demo won’t matter to that client, nor will an audition (most of the time). Once they know you, and love your work, they may send you work. Just like that.
To be honest,? while I do spend time of cultivating new potential clients (every business owner must), the bulk of my work comes from those delightful entities called “repeat clients.”? So I spend at least as much time – more, actually – making sure they are happy with our business relationship, with the service, courtesy, performance, and human touch that makes us happy together.
So – “what now?” always includes the responsibility to keep building and practicing the skills to do an awesome job.? Like the old Girl Scout song says (yes, I have the sash and some badges…) :

Make new friends, but keep the old.
One is silver and the other’s gold.

Thanks, repeat clients. Love working with you!

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