VoiceOver and Your Life: it all adds up

Yesterday was an all-voiceover day: projects to voice and edit, clients to

acid reflux improv

Improv Goup, a decade ago - great for VO!

answer, then a class to teach at Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Today, a catch-up day so far. E-mails from VO peeps included a link to Pummelvision, where they find your tagged photos and create a montage. Sure, I’ll bite. It’s free, and I’m curious.
STAR 99.9 past colleagues

STAR 99.9 past colleagues

The result reminded me that we are all more than just our work, despite the cocktail party question, “So what do you do?” Those of us who act for a living constantly feel this, as everything we do (for work or otherwise) goes into our personalities, and can be used to interpret copy through the filter that is, well, us.
Not to mention, VO people rock, play wel with others, and share! Gor instance, read this post from Doug Turkel, the UNnouncer, re great voiceover resources:
Here’s the result, by the way. This quick view reminds me of the people who honor me with their presence in my life and in my soul – through work, family, acquaintance and friendship. Thanks!? And, looking forward to Faffcon 3, very soon!

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