Voiceover and Social Networking: Online or in person?

wow, remember live people?

Here’s an eye-opening article from PC World that provides a reality check re social media.  Right now I’m working facebook, twitter, and the voiceover boards, since my first session today isn’t until 2 pm. Yep, 80% of the VO business is spent marketing (well, that’s one statistic I heard) – so how much of it do we want to do online? And how effective it is, really?

If I look at the last ten jobs I did – unscientific, I know, but still-

  • five were from frequent-repeat clients initially found through old-fashioned word-of-mouth referrals;
  • one was from a new client I met networking in person;
  • two repeat business from clients I’d landed years ago through voice123 (when I was a member);
  • one from a regular customer (my initial contact, by phone, after hearing about them from fellow VO peeps and doing my online research), and
  • one international client who found me online (via a listing on a free site I’d initiated years ago).

So it’s a combo marketing plan, indeed. Still, I believe that a real handshake beats a virtual friend.  How mush time do you spend tweeting, and it is paying off for you?  I love having nearly 500 followers, but maybe I spend too much time there instead of picking up the phone or at least targeting my marketing more personally.

Just sayin‘. Food for thought.

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