The Voiceover Community…Faffcon and more

Increasingly, my voiceover work is done from home – and so many others in this business (and others, I know) are finding the same trend affecting them. Very cool to send files to India (what’s the time difference again?), but also so nice to work in my own back yard – which in this case includes Connecticut, New York and parts

Faffcon Founders

Faffcon attendees twice so far!

of Massachusetts.? Real human beings? – woo hoo!
That’s only one of the reasons I am a devoted faffcon junkie.? Having attended?two out of two so far, and planning to be there at the upcoming Faffcon in September, I know how it recharges my batteries in so many areas: continued learning
Faffcon Session Randye Kaye

We are learning to breathe, not out cold!

about our craft, great business sparks, and -? most of all – feeling like a part of the VO community.? Online is great but it’s hard to hear the laughter. LOL is nice, but truly laughing so much your stomach hurts – in a good way? Well, you know…priceless.
In person connection – never underestimate.
Faffcon 2

Connie Terwilliger?and Randye

Word of mouth business referrals? Also gold. And while at it, let me recommend a company I first heard about through Edge Studio, the recent redesigners of my website: ArtistUpgrade. Check out the results here, and especially on the Voiceovers page,!?? The other parts of my business (actress/author/speaker) help to make me a better VO artist, but the voiceover pages (subdomain are where we spent our main focus for now.? Couldn’t recommend them more highly. Thanks!

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