The "Sound First Impression" for Your Business: A Voice Over Talent’s Worth

What is the “sound” first impression of your business? When a potential customer calls on the phone, accesses that explainer video on you-tube, or takes your virtual tour, do they hear the quality you want them to feel?

That’s the question for many small businesses, who don’t budget for a professional welcome or on-hold message because they think it doesn’t matter. Is this you?

Does the Voice Over Matter?

Put on your customer hat for a minute. How much does that first impression count for you? Have you ever wanted to hang up on a call because the first voice you heard sounded completely uninterested in you, or – worse – just too annoying to listen to?

Yesterday I taught an “Investigate Voice Over” workshop for Edge Studio, and as we explored VO opportunities beyond the more-obvious “cartoons and commercials”, we got to the telephony category. One student shared that he had recently called a local junkyard (his word – do those even exist anymore?), and had been so surprised by the quality of the voice on the phone system that his estimation of the company’s image leaped up immediately. “They obviously cared enough about their business to have a pro on their phone system, and that made me think they would do a great job more me. It suddenly seemed more dignified, somehow, and friendlier.”

What that voice talent did was bust a preconception/misconception about “junkyards” simply by creating a “sound” first impression with his or her delivery that created a totally different image in the customer’s mind. When it came time to do business, the starting point was way higher than it had been before the call.

Time saved.

And that’s why voice talents make the (hopefully) big bucks. Or at least should know their own worth, and the value the right delivery brings to the table. It also means, that there is a lot of work out there to help (yes, we do help!) other small businesses get a leg up on the competition by having that first impression count.

Voice over talents provide a unique service. The right match between talent and business can be at unbeatable marketing tool that helps that real estate office, law firm, beauty salon, or junkyard create a brand that elevates their worth in the customer’s mind.

Whether you are just starting out or a pro who is constantly expanding your client base (aren’t we all?), remember to include other small businesses, often local, who could use your help to create that sound first impression.

And, while you’re at it, how is the message on your phone? Just thought I’d mention it 🙂

Randye’s VO Demos here – yes, including “On the Phone”!

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