The Flexible Life (sometimes!)

One of the things I really love about the Voice Over business is that no day is exactly like the next.? One day, travel to the city to record a medical narration; the next, walk up a flight of stairs to my studio to voice a phone system for plumbers.
Some days, hours of recording. Other days,? zip. Yeah, especially when Thanksgiving is so near.? Let’s face it, it’s true! But those are the days when you do your marketing: research potential clients, work on your website changes, refresh the demo.
And, sometimes, life demands that Voiceover go on the back burner for awhile?- and that can also be OK.? My daughter recently got married, and the fact that I could work half-days in my studio helped a lot.? Now, I’m focusing my extra hours on rewrites and PR for my forthcoming book, to be published in the spring by Rowman and Littlefield.? (Ben Behind His Voices?is the title – feel free to join the facebook group or join the mailing list at!)
Of course, my current clients are being well taken care of; I’m just laying temporarily low on the marketing.? Works well for my current priorities. Still – it’s another reality check for me as a VO Talent: Part of this job is to continue to plant seeds for future business relationships. Yep – just like any business!? With my current choice to back-burner my VO marketing, I know I may be missing out on opportunities.? That’s my choice.? But I also know I’ll get back to the seed-planting when I can – and that I must.? As I said, there are other things on my front burner right now.? But that’s different from expecting to land work by magic -just by sitting in your house sounding pretty!
Make your business choices, but make them grounded in reality. And always take good care of your current clients.
Oh, and yes of course I plan to narrate the audiobook of Ben Behind His Voices! Ya gotta be always thinkin’……

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