That "Second Best" Voice-Over Audition: Still a Win

My Mom told me, “Always do your best.” (yours, too?) Sure, coming close to landing the gig is not the same as booking it.? The fact that I got two call-backs to play Rizzo in Grease on Broadway a couple of decades ago does not mean I can put that credit on my resume.? Still, it felt good – and gave me confidence for my next audition.
The truth is that a good audition is never a loss. While placing second doesn’t pay the mortgage or add to your resume, it’s still its own kind of good acting karma. Especially if you keep the success part in mind, and not what you didn’t get. And, yeah, keep in touch in a way that reflects that good experience.
And, in some cases, it pays off in a more concrete way when you least expect it.
Over a year ago, I was in the top two for a voice-over gig , but didn’t land it. The client said, “don’t worry, we loved your audition and will keep you in mind.” That’s always nice to hear – the professional equivalent of dating’s “I’ll call you.” But don’t wait by the phone – just enjoy the fact that you had a good time on the first date.
A month ago, I heard from this client out of the blue – he had another project for me. (yay – A second date!) Here is one video from a series of projects so far:
See, you never know! As Mom says, “Always do your best – and it won’t hurt you to be nice.” Thanks, Mom.

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