Randye Kaye

Thanksgiving 2020: Grateful, too, for Audiobooks

My daughter has rediscovered books – ones without pictures! After a few years of toddler-wrangling (she had 3 babies in 2 1/2 years, now all still under 5 years old), she’s finally finding some time to read books that she can recommend to me. We discuss books! This is the first time since, well, her […]

Five Things You Learn While Narrating Non-Fiction Audiobooks

First lesson you learn while narrating non-fiction:
You may tend to become an instant expert on whatever topic you’re immersed in while recording. Sooo annoying, I know. But we can’t help it! There are 4 more lessons too !

The 3 F-words That Sabotage Your VO Productivity: Fear, Freezing and Facebook

…or why I probably won’t be wishing you happy birthday on Facebook anymore (unless you are family). Apologies in advance. I love you anyway. Every Monday Morning, and once a month in two other cases, ?I log onto google hangouts and meet with my voiceover mastermind peeps. These groups?were born at faffcon and WoVO ?and […]

Are There Too Many Voice Talents?

Reality check, with a question: Do you find it more difficult than you’d thought it would be to get, and keep getting, work as a voice talent in 2015? I’m not one to wax poetic about the past. ?Change is, at best, exciting; at the very least, it’s inevitable. And certainly the voiceover business has […]

Getting Your "VOJO" Back: Breaking Though When Inertia Hits

Hi, my name is Randye and I’ve lost my VOJO. (If you haven’t had your caffeine yet this morning and can’t guess, I will define VOJO?for you:?Voice Over plus Mojo/motivation. Got it? Now go to Starbucks, already). ?We all need VOJO, and we need to reignite it now and again – or daily. VOJO is […]

VoiceOver Copy: Your High School Play, on Speed

There are a lot of surprises for aspiring voice talents who cross my path either as a student via Edge Studio, or just at, say, a party. You know, the ones with “such a nice voice” who need to read Dave Courvoisier’s book ( or any of the other amazing resources I blogged about a […]

Voiceovers… and The Lure of "Normal"

When I was 17 years old, I made a vow that I would never work a Monday-Friday 9-to-5 job. It made sense at the time. I’d just finished ten weeks doing just that in Manhattan, the summer before college, to earn tuition money. ?It had seemed like a great opportunity, assisting in the publicity department […]

You Are VO-Unique: How To Stand Out and Get Hired

Want to begin or expand your career in Voice Overs? You will hear this question, I guarantee it: “But there is so much competition. Why even bother?” Yep. That nay-sayer (even if it’s your own inner thoughts) is quite correct. Sorry, but it’s true…..well, at least the first half of the sentence is. How to […]

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