Proof-listening – take the extra time!

Just finished a corporate/technical narration ? at home, so that means editing as well as voicing.  Final product almost 15 minutes.  After the first listen, I corrected a few obvious things (self-direction has its flaws, so then it?s time to take off the narrator hat and put on the director/engineer persona ? adding even more confusion to my multiple personalities, but that?s the actor?s story, right?)


The point is: finished. Right? Breaths reduced, everything in its place, all alts clearly slated, etc. Almost tempted to send it as is, as at that point I felt I knew the copy by heart ? but gave it one final listen.  Yes, 15 minutes of my time.  Tomorrow I?m gonna put a set of hand weights by the mixer so I can at least work on my triceps while my eyes and ears are occupied.


And: not finished. I caught two mistakes: ?first step? instead of ?first stop? and ?sanitation? instead of ?sanitization.? Amazing what the brain thinks it sees. Sure, the client could have caught it and I?d have done the re-dos for no charge. But how would it have made me look? 


Take the extra time when you can. And work on the triceps too!

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