Investigate Voice Over: the first step

Edge Studio Team

Edge Studio Team

Tomorrow night I teach another session for Edge Studio called “Investigate Voice Over.” We call it the “IVO” – and it’s taught frequently in our New York main studio, our CT and DC studios, in Los Angeles, and also via teleclass.
If you’ve ever wondered about the true path to VoiceOver success, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Got the Voiceover dream? Get the truth! And have fun finding out if this business – and make no mistake, it most certainly is a business -is for you, and if you are ready for it.
Every dream can always live if you never pursue it, but if you want to change it from a nice dream to an attainable goal then you must take the first step to see what it takes. The first step is to find out the facts.? I’ve taught this class for Edge probably about a gazillion times – that’s accurate, right? – and a shorter version of it as a one-night continuing education intro (no recording in the booth, no evaluation, but still a ton of realistic info). I always congratulate my curious students on taking that first step: finding out the truth.
What is the truth? Here are few thoughts:

  • There are tons of opportunities. It’s not all about national commercials, though that sure is nice.
  • A nice voice is nice, but not enough (see my article, The Five Layers of Voiceover).
  • This business is fun, lucrative, creative, and filled with the best colleagues ever.
  • There will be training involved, from a little (you are already a? TV/fim actor, perhaps?) to a lot (you still read out loud like you’re reading about “Dick and Jane” in second grade)
  • There will be marketing involved. You will have to find clients who want your services, and treat them with good customer service
  • No one is going to discover you. You will have to let them know you’re here! And don’t let them know until you are good, and ready to deliver what’s on your demo. If the engineer made your demo sound good – and not you – then you are not ready yet!

When you take an IVO, you may decide that you don’t want to do all that work. So, OK. Now you know. But if it dashes your dream by giving it a jolt of reality, that’s a good thing. Because now there is room for the dreams you really are willing to work at.
Plus – learning about the voice, and about communication, can only help in other areas. Knowledge is never a waste of time!
So come get you questions answered, find out the facts, learn the truth, give it a shot. You never know – you may leave the IVO more inspired than ever to join the voiceover ranks – and we will welcome you with open arms.

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