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Investing in your own Voiceover Business

To quote Tom Daniels,?a fellow VO talent and friend (at least on facebook!), ?If you have your equipment together (which today can be a laptop with free editing/recording software, a good USB Mic and a quiet area to record), you are just nanoseconds away from any location worldwide! The rest is passion, talent and marketing […]

Radio Imaging: A VO Coach is Coached

Big thanks to Dave DeAndrea, fabulous voice talent and demo producer?as well.? We met at faffcon last year, and I called on him to help me with my latest demo for voiceover work: radio imaging.? After 15 years as a radio personality in Connecticut, leaving to concentrate on voiceovers full-time, it seemed a perfect fit […]

Voice Talents, Live and in Person

Voicing a website narration in your pajamas (does anyone really do that? I have to be dressed to work ? if you count t-shirt and shorts as dressed): great. Meeting people online who also get paid to talk (well?to communicate): really helpful. Connecting with these online friends and new VO talents, for real, in person?: […]

Proof-listening – take the extra time!

Just finished a corporate/technical narration ? at home, so that means editing as well as voicing.  Final product almost 15 minutes.  After the first listen, I corrected a few obvious things (self-direction has its flaws, so then it?s time to take off the narrator hat and put on the director/engineer persona ? adding even more […]

Giving Back – even in “102 degree heat index” weather

Technorati Tags: randye?kaye,elizabeth?chatsworth Had the pleasure of announcing names of riders as they bicycled over the finish line yesterday at the Connecticut Challenge for Cancer ? I think over $800,000 was raised, thanks to the brave souls who rode 10,12, 25, 50, even 100 miles to raise the dough.? Susan Saks, Elizabeth Chatsworth and I […]

who's Randye, anyway?

? Voice Talent, voice actor/actress, voice artist, voiceover – whatever you call it,?I’ve been doing it for over 25 years for?long list of clients including, Dannon, Kyocera, Big Lots, Burger King, Executone, Continental Airlines, MISTO, Toshiba, Verizon, and Kohls.??? Trustworthy, warm, intelligent and versatile voice for countless websites, e-learning courses, phone systems, on-hold messages, […]

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